Ensenso GmbH

Ensenso develops stereo 3D cameras for industrial applications in the domains of food, logistics and pharma. In contrast to scanning 3D techniques the Ensenso cameras are compact sensors without any moving components. This simplifies the integration in a manufacturing environment and makes the cameras ideally suited for robotics applications. Our cameras feature an integrated texture projection unit to provide robust depth data on a wide variety of surfaces.
The stereo vision technique uses “one shot” measurements and allows to compute the complete 3D point cloud of the object surfaces from a single capture. Short exposure times and global shutter image sensors with hardware trigger also permit to acquire moving objects.
Rainer Voigt, founder and managing director

Rainer Voigt, founder and managing director

IDS Imaging Development Systems

Ensenso 3D cameras are sold worldwide exclusively through our partner IDS Imaging Development Systems. With more than 20 years of experience in the machine vision industry, IDS is
your competent partner for consulting, support, quotation requests and a comprehensive range of training courses.