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Pharmacy Storage System

In this machine Ensenso cameras are used to feed pharmacy packages into a clever storage system. Boxes with multiple packages can be unloaded and stocked using 3D vision. A suitable storage place is allocated automatically using the package size and shape. The automated transfer to and from the storage allows very high packing densities and thus saves large amounts of storage space.

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Log Wood Measurement

Stereo vision is not limited to indoor applications. If the objects carry a minimal amount of surface texture the cameras can also acquire robust 3D data in outdoor situations. Joerg Elektronik uses a pair of Ensenso cameras to image the left and right side of the log while the cameras are being moved along the log. The point clouds are then combined to form a full 3D model of the trunk which is then used to estimate its market value and optimize cutting in the saw mill.

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Standardized Bin-Picking Cell

3D vision is an integral component in robotic applications, especially when it comes to difficult tasks like bin picking. Part positions and orientations need to be determined precisely and in very short time so that the robot can continuously take parts from the container. bsAutomatisierung uses Ensenso cameras together with Halcon to realize economical and fast random bin picking.

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Stereo Vision Cameras in Action


Ensenso cameras cover a wide range of applications in different industries. Below you can find sample case studies. You may also have a look at our sample data section to get an impression of the captured 3D point cloud quality in different setups.