Step-by-Step Camera Setup

This video shows how quick and easy you can connect an Ensenso camera to your PC and calibrate it to your working plane.

Candy Tin Pick&Place Demo

A short video of a pick&place trade fair demo application. The image processing is done entirely in telecentric 2D height images as generated by our SDK. The basic operation is just a 2D shape search as implemented in the Omron vision system.

Dough Cutting Demonstrator

A demonstration of a dough cutting application. The pointer follows the surface in a short distance. In the application the dough is moving and the pointer is replaced by an ultrasonic cutter which cuts a few millimeters into the dough before it enters the oven.

Hand-Eye Calibration

This short video shows how one can perform a hand-eye calibration. The robot is simply moved at random in a small bounding box while observing the calibration plate. Our EnsensoSDK then computes the location of the camera with respect to the robot tool center point from the images and the corresponding robot poses.