EnsensoSDK 3.1

EnsensoSDK 3.1 is now online! This release includes support for XR-series cameras with 5MP image sensors and the PartFinder command to locate CAD models in point clouds. Check out the changelog for more information.

N40/N45 Camera Series Released

Our cost-optimized N-series cameras N40 and N45 are now available. The new polyamide housing is still IP65/67 rated and an optimized projection electronics doubles the LED duty cycle for faster FlexView image acquisition.

EnsensoSDK 3.0

We are happy to announce the availability of EnsensoSDK 3.0! This release finally includes the new PatchMatch stereo matcher. It improves stereo matching run times while at the same time giving you infinite measurement range! Pre-trained parameter sets reduce the…

XR Camera Series

The new XR-series cameras are now available. The XR30 and XR36 models feature the same modular concept as our X-series cameras, but now also integrate on-board computation of the 3D data. The projection module has now become a full Ubuntu-based…

EnsensoSDK 2.2.158

A bugfix release of EnsensoSDK 2.2 is now available on the Downloads page. It now includes our new Network Wizard to configure network interfaces and device addresses automatically with a few clicks. See the changelog for a full list of…

Camera Selector 4

Our camera selector tool has now received another update. Apart from minor bug fixes and improvements you can now automatically search through multiple camera types and compare two models in detail.