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This page lists compatibilities between EnsensoSDK versions, camera hardware, calibration formats and various firmwares.

Calibration Formats

When saving a new calibration, the NxLib generally tries to preserve the current format on the camera. When this is not possible (e.g. because the new format uses features that cannot be represented in the old one), NxView will ask whether you want to upgrade the format. This can break compatibility with older versions of the NxLib, which will not be able to open the camera anymore. If you want to open such a camera with an older version of the NxLib, you will need to recompute its calibration data using this older version. See the guide on restoring factory calibrations for more information.

Forward and Backward Compatibility

All NxLib versions are fully backward compatible and can handle all older EEPROM formats. Forward compatibility is guaranteed from version 1.1.0 onwards. If you want to open a camera with a newer calibration with an older version of the NxLib, you can recompute the factory calibration from the raw calibration data.

Stereo Camera Calibration Formats

Calibration Format

Supported in NxLib

Changes to Previous Revision




≥ 1.1.0

New distortion coefficient k3


≥ 1.2.0

Same as revision 3, but for the N20/N3x series

5 / 6

≥ 1.3.146

Add support for dynamic calibration offsets

7 / 8

≥ 2.1.126

Add support for the distortion coefficients rx and ry, which model sensor tilts

9 / 10

≥ 2.3

Add support for a dynamic offset of the optical axis rotation

Mono Camera Calibration Formats


Full Revision Number 1

Supported in NxLib

Changes to Previous Revision






≥ 2.0.79

Supports more distortion coefficients



≥ 2.3.19

Add support for the distortion coefficients rx and ry, which model sensor tilts



N10 cameras always receive their camera firmwares from the uEye driver upon connection. The projection module itself has no firmware and therefore there are no firmware versions under user control.


GigE N-Series cameras have a uEye firmware for the camera module and a projection module firmware. The camera firmware must match the uEye driver revision on the host which requests to open the camera. It will be uploaded on request via the installed uEye driver. It is not possible to operate the camera with any other uEye firmware than the version requested by the driver. The projection module firmware is included in the EnsensoSDK and will be auto-updaten upon opening the device in NxLib. Projection module firmwares are backwards compatible to all older revisions, therefore NxLib will only update the firmware if it is older than the revision shipped in NxLib. Otherwise it will simply leave the projector firmware untouched and use it with the newer revision found on the device.

X-Series, 1MP, uEye based

X-series camera with 1MP sensors (UI5240) use the uEye driver to operate the cameras. The camera firmware management is identical to the camera firmware of N20/N3x/N4x models described above. The projection module firmware is also shipped integrated in NxLib. The update procedure is the same as for N20/N3x/N4x cameras above.

X-Series, 5MP, GigE-Vision based

X-Series camera with 3MP sensors (GV5280) use the GigE Vision protocol to operate the cameras. The camera firmwares for GV5040 and GV5280 cameras are shipped as .guf files stored in the EnsensoSDK installation folder. NxLib will only open the camera if the firmware on the camera is at least on the revision shipped in the installation folder, otherwise it requests the user to upload the shipped version to the camera. The projection module firmware is handled as for 1MP X-Series cameras.

rubric:: XR-Series

XR-Series cameras use GigE Vision to operate their camera sensors but run an embedded version of the EnsensoSDK (called XR firmware) which needs to match the EnsensoSDK version of the host. Due to their larger size XR firmwares are not shipped with the EnsensoSDK but need to be downloaded from the internet first. As soon as the XR firmware matches the host EnsensoSDK it will check if the GigE Vision camera firmware matches the firmware requested by the embedded EnsensoSDK. If not it will require you to initiate the firmware upgrade process onto the cameras.


It is possible to operate GigE Vision based cameras on newer firmware versions than the version shipped within the installation folder, but it is highly recommended to use the shipped version.


It is possible to run other GigE Vision camera models on any firmware version, but we cannot guarantee that all functions work correctly on all models and versions. Using a similar firmware revision than the shipped firmwares will likely yield best compatibility, but all used camera functions should be tested thorougly before relying on the specific model and firmware.

N20/N30/N35/N40/N45 Projector Firmware

NxLib Version

Shipped N Projector Firmware









X-Series Projector Firmware

NxLib Version

Shipped X Projector Firmware

3.0.224 2.3.1557


3.0.83 2.3.860 2.2.164




GigE Vision Firmware

NxLib Version

Shipped IDS GigE Vision Firmware





XR-Series Firmware

The corresponding XR firmware versions for each EnsensoSDK release are listed and available for download on

Hardware Compatibility


Minimum EnsensoSDK Version





X-Series, 1MP


X-Series, 5MP






From Revision 3 on, the monocular calibration get saved in the same area of the EEPROM as the stereo calibrations. To distinguish them, the monocular calibration versions have their highest bit set. The resulting full revision number is negative and will be displayed e.g. by the LoadCalibration command.