N30/N35/N40/N45 Power SupplyΒΆ

The N30/N35 and N40/N45 can be supplied with power via Power-over-Ethernet or via 12-24V supply on the GPIO port. On PoE switches the camera registers as PoE class 3 device (6,49 - 12,95 W).

Examples of possible power supplies are:

  • Connect the N30/N35 to a PoE compatible switch or use a PoE injector

  • Supply 12-24V via a custom cable on the Binder 712 7-pin connector


  • The camera has an inrush current demand of up to 2A on connection and on opening the device from a computer. During these times the supply voltage on the GPIO port must not drop below 11V for correct operation of the camera. For seamless operation, especially with long supply wires, we therefore recommend to connect the camera to a 24V supply for sufficient voltage reserve.

  • When the camera is connected to a PoE compatible switch and voltage is also provided on the GPIO connector the power supply over PoE will be preferred.


  • N30/N35 Rev. 2 and N40/N45 cameras have a slightly higher continuous current demand to support their higher LED duty cycle. When switching from Rev. 1 cameras supplied with an external 12V source you should check if your supply wire cross sections are large enough to still supply sufficient voltage on the camera side despite the increased current.