XR30/XR36 Power Supply

The XR30/XR36 projection units must be supplied via a 24V 5A DC supply on the ‘External’ GPIO port.

Camera Power Supply

The projection forwards the external supply voltage to the left and right camera GPIO port.

Average vs. Peak Power Consumption

Due to limited space the projection unit cannot buffer energy for an entire flash in internal capacitors. Therefore the peak power consumption of 5A is reached during flashing of the projection LED. The absolute maximum flash time is hardware limited to 160ms. The hardware limit for the LED duty cycle is 10%.

Minimum Input Voltage

Depending on the supply cable length and diameter the input voltage at the projection unit will drop below 24V during flashing of the LED, i.e. during the peak power consumption phase.

The minimum voltage for guaranteed stable operation of projection unit and attached cameras is 16V. The input voltage at the ‘External’ port must not drop below this voltage at all times.


When powering the camera over longer distances you need to make sure to use wires of sufficient diameter to provide enough input voltage for stable operation of the projection unit and the attached cameras.