Eye Safety


Do not look directly into the projection beam.

Risk Group N30, N35, N40, N45

All N-series camera models are classified according to DIN EN 62471:2008 and belong to the Exempt Group (no risk). Thus the device is safe for the human eye and does not need any safety labeling.

Eye safety S10

The S10 camera is equipped with an eye-safe class 1M structured laser light source emitting at a wavelength of 835nm. Please also refer to the S10 topic for details.

Risk Group X30, X36, XR30, XR36

X-series cameras are classified to belong to Risk Group 1 in the blue light hazard according to IEC/TR 62471-2:2009 or DIN EN 62471 Beiblatt 1:2010.

The manufacturer has to make sure that the product in the final application shows a lower exposure time than 100s per day to human beings. This can be done by limiting the duration of emission to 100s or by reducing the intensity of the light, for example with an housing.


Using X/XR-series projectors with focal lengths above 35mm will result in higher risk group classification. If this is the case please make sure to avoid human exposure or conduct the relevant measurements for reclassification on your own.

Risk Group Dependence on Focal Length and Distance

Original classification has been conducted with lenses with 35mm focal length, F=1.4 relative apperture at 0.2m distance. Using different focal lengths or ensuring a certain minimum distance to humans will reduce the risk group. The following table lists computed theoretical distances where the projection module meets the limits of the “Exempt Group” (no risk or exposure limit).

Focal Length

Approximate Distance to meet criteria of “Exempt Group” with F1.4














When not taking any measures to limit human exposure it is highly recommended to re-measure the exposure limits in the final application, especially when operating close to any of the theoretical “Exempt Group” limits above.