Python Interface

This package is the Python interface to access functionalities of the NxLib via Python. With the Interface you can access your installed version of the NxLib from the EnsensoSDK and use it with Python.


This Interface is still in a beta phase.

The package and its source code is available at Github . The in the repository describes how to install and use the package.



In Order to use this package you will need to have the following Prerequisites installed:

  • EnsensoSDK - Official SDK of the Ensenso Group for developing software with stereo 3D cameras for industrial applications. SDK-Versions of 2.3.x are highly recommended.

  • Python - Version > 3.5. is required.

  • Pip - A Python package manager. Version > 9.0.1 is required.

The following packages are installed with python > 3.5., that are:

  • Numpy - A package for scientific computing with Python (tested and developed with 1.17.2).

  • Ctypes - A foreign function library for Python, that allows calling functions in DLLs (Windows) or shared libraries (Linux).

This package is only needed, if you want to run the tests in the ./tests folder:

  • Pytest - A Python testing framework.

Installing with Pip Repository

If you do not need to do any modifications in the installed packet space and only want to use the package as is, we recommend you to install the package with pip. Pip will handle all dependencies of the package and will download the latest package version from here.

Global installation (does need privileged rights).

Local installation

pip3 install --user ensenso_nxlib

Installing from Source

If you like to install from source, e.g. to make local changes of the installed package on your system, you will first have to clone the repository

git clone

and install it from the root of the cloned repository (where the - file is located).

cd nxlib-python-interface
pip3 install .


We do provide examples on how to use the python interface on our Github repository.