In order to use Halcon with EnsensoSDK you need to copy the interface libraries manually into the Halcon installation folder. Some of the HDevelop examples included in the EnsensoSDK make use of the Halcon procedures provided with the SDK. If you want to run the examples you need to additionally copy the procedure files manually.

Halcon Interface Installation

Please manually copy the Halcon interface DLLs shipped with the EnsensoSDK into your Halcon installation directory as described below. If you installed both applications in their default locations the files to copy are as follows:



C:\Program Files\Ensenso\development\halcon\bin\x64-win64\hAcqEnsenso-NxLib.dll
C:\Program Files\Ensenso\development\halcon\bin\x64-win64\hAcqEnsenso-NxLibxl.dll


C:\Program Files\MVTec\Halcon 11\bin\x64-win64\






HDevelop Procedures

Along with the interface DLLs a set of procedures for HDevelop is provided to simplify some common access patterns when using NxLib. On Windows the procedure files are located in the directory

On Linux these files are by default located in


You can either add this directory to your HDevelop procedure search path, or copy the procedure files over into Halcon’s default procedure path (or any subfolder) located at

C:\Program Files\MVTec\Halcon 11\procedures

or, on Linux