Software Installation

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Software Installation

uEye Driver / GigE Vision

For N20, N30, N35 and X-series cameras with 1MP sensors (1CP/1FA models) the IDS uEye driver with version 4.81 or higher is required. Please visit and download and install the recommended driver version for your system.

XR-series cameras use an HTTP-based proprietary connection to the EnsensoSDK and does not need any driver.

X-series cameras with 5MP sensors (5CP/5FA models) are available with GigE Vision interface. GigE Vision transport layer interface is integrated in EnsensoSDK versions starting from version 2.2 onwards. The integrated transport layer operates completely in user space and therefore no drivers are needed to operate these cameras.


After the uEye driver installation is complete, download the latest EnsensoSDK software release from and follow the instructions on screen to install the software.

XR-Series Firmware

XR cameras come with an updatable firmware. It is recommended to always download the current EnsensoSDK and XR firmware together and update both, camera and PC.

1.Install EnsensoSDK

2.Open NxView and right click the camera to open the camera's web interface in your default browser

3.Navigate to Global -> Firmware Update and click Upload System Image File and choose the downloaded firmware file

4.Wait until the status message says Update Successful and power cycle the camera

nxview_xr_open_webif xr_webif_upload_img

Note: The browser needs to support JavaScript. Firefox or Chrome are recommended.

CodeMeter Runtime (Windows, EnsensoSDK 2.0 - 2.2)

Version 2.0 to 2.2 of EnsensoSDK are protected by a WIBU Protection-Only license. To be able to use the library it is now necessary to install the CodeMeter runtime and register our protection license. This should be done automatically by the EnsensoSDK installer.

When the automatic installation does not work, you can manually download and install the corresponding package for your operating system from The protection license can be found in the EnsensoSDK install folder under '/license/EnsensoProtectionOnly.WibuCmRau'. You can register it with the CodeMeter Control Center or by executing one of the following commands.

cmu32.exe --import --file "%ENSENSO_INSTALL%/license/EnsensoProtectionOnly.WibuCmRau"

Halcon Interface

Starting with Halcon 11.0.3 the Ensenso interface ships with the Halcon installation and you can start using it right away after installing the EnsensoSDK. Some of the HDevelop examples included in the EnsensoSDK make use of the Halcon procedures provided with the SDK. If you want to run these examples you need to copy the procedure files manually. See section HDevelop Procedures for instructions.

Storage of Settings

The different software components of the EnsensoSDK will create subfolders below the %ENSENSO_INSTALL%/settings folder. Please make sure it is writable when installing EnsensoSDK components manually. A short description of the files is contained in the table below:




camera_cache.json: A local cache file for eeprom contents of hardware cameras. This speeds up camera listing because opening all attached cameras and reading their eeprom or flash memory to read-out their model names, calibration state and similar data can take a long time.

file_cameras.json: A list of locally available file cameras with their image folder paths corresponding serial number.

virtual_cameras.json: A list of locally available virtual cameras containing their optical and geometrical properties and serial numbers.


settings.json: Saved global (camera independent) settings saven when last closing NxView. The same file also contains general NxView settings.

camera_settings_<serial>.json: The last parameters of camera <serial> saved when closing the camera in NxView last time. This file will also be applied to the camera after opening in NxView by default.


settings.json: General settings for NxTreeEdit.


eeprom_<serial>.json: A fallback location to save eeprom content when a camera doesn't support saving any data on the hardware. These files are currently used to store eeprom content for file cameras, virtual cameras, and GigE Vision cameras that do not support eeprom or flash storage.


genicam_cache_<serial>_<model>_<firmwareVersion>.xml/zip: Compressed or uncompressed GenICam XML specification of a specific camera and firmware. This is used to speed up the process of opening a GenICam based camera like GigE Vision cameras.