Calibration Plates

Our calibration plates carry a precision printed, high contrast 15×15 point grid. A perfectly mat surface finish ensures that the pattern points can be detected with high accuracy under all possible illumination conditions. The calibration plate type, size and thickness will be automatically detected in the EnsensoSDK via its barcode-like encoding inside the grid dots. With the new diagonal grid encoding each subsection of the plate can be uniquely identified and allows to use the plates when they are only partially visible.Calibration plates are available in three sizes with edge lengths of 100, 200 and 390mm.

Mounting Kit

The Ensenso mounting kit provides many options to mount N10, N20, N30 and N35 cameras. It serves to attach a color camera to obtain colored point clouds and contains hole and thread patterns for the most popular IDS uEye camera series. Various M3 threads on all sides can be used to attach additional equipment. A 1/4″ – 20 UNC thread at the bottom allows to fix the camera on a tripod.


To simplify the setup of hardware synchronous multi camera capture systems we recommend to use our simple, single signal M8 cabling. Adapter cables for IDS uEye cameras, Y-adapters and power cables are readily available. When all cameras are connected together via Y-adapters to the M8 cabling the EnsensoSDK can automatically setup trigger master and slave cameras such that all cameras capture synchronously. Many light barriers can also be directly attached via M8 cables to provide the trigger signal for all cameras.

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