The EnsensoSDK provides the interface to our stereo cameras. Its main components are the NxView demo program and the NxLib library. You can download the latest release here.


NxView demonstrates the main functions of the NxLib library. It allows you to open one or multiple stereo or color cameras and displays the captured depth and texture data. You can interactively adjust parameters like exposure, binning, AOI and stereo matching volume.


NxLib is the core library of our SDK. It contains the stereo matching algorithm, calibration and processing functionality.

Highly parallelized semi-global stereo matching: Guarantees dense, high quality depth images with per-pixel XYZ coordinates Workspace Calibration: Easily define your workspace coordinate system via a calibration plate
Virtual Views: Generate telecentric height maps with fixed pixel size and orientation for simplified processing Hand-Eye Calibration: Calibrates moving and fixed cameras to 6 axis robots
Primitive Fitting: Detect primitive shapes in point-clouds Pattern Gauging: Real-time, µm accurate 6DoF measurement of calibration plate pose
JSON based API: Powerful and extensible API based on JSON format with object-oriented interface for C++ and C# Remote Connectivity: Remote API access via TCP for easy exchange of process or configuration data
Multi-View: Combine multiple cameras to a single capture system for textured point clouds Scene Rendering: Renders combined, textured surface model from multiple cameras for display purposes

Halcon Image Acquisition Interface

The image acquisition interface integrates Ensenso cameras into Halcon and HDevelop.


Get started by trying simple HDevelop scripts and C, C++ and C# example programs with source code. Our viewer software NxView is also freely available as source code.