CAD Models

Below you can find download links for CAD models in STEP format to use these in your CAD program. Please note that all N-series camera model variants have the same outer dimensions and differ only in lenses and camera vergence angle. Therefore only one model variant is provided for download. Please note that the dimensions of X- and XR-series devices varies slightly with vergence angle and lens type, which is not reflected in the CAD models.

XR30 and XR36 stereo 3D cameras

XR36-xFA, 200mm baseline: STP
XR36-xFA, 400mm baseline: STP

X30 and X36 stereo 3D cameras

X36-xCP, 200mm baseline: STP
X36-xCP, 400mm baseline: STP
X36-xFA, 200mm baseline: STP
X36-xFA, 400mm baseline: STP

N40 and N45 stereo 3D cameras

N45: STP

N30 and N35 stereo 3D cameras

N30-602-16: STP

Ensenso Mounting Kit for all camera series

Models for possible configurations:
for N30/N35: STP
for N40/N45: STP
for X/XR-series: STP

Hole/thread patterns: PDF