Model Naming Scheme

The camera housings, optics and focus distances can be combined to a wide range of different camera variants. You can use our camera selector tool to choose the model matching your application requirements. The composition of the camera model names is defined as follows.


The X-series model identifier is composed of four sections as follows:


Example: X36-1CP-12/14/2600-400/1900

Section Description Example model Possible values
Type Projector Type X36 X30, XR30: For single-shot operation
X36, XR36: FlexView 2 projector
Sensor Image Sensor Type 1CP 1CP: 1.3MP GigE uEye CP, IP30
5CP: 5MP GigE uEye CP, IP30
1FA: 1.3MP GigE uEye FA, IP65
5FA: 5MP GigE uEye FA, IP65
2FA: 1.6MP GigE uEye FA, IP65
Optics Focal Length / Aperture / Focus Distance
(in example: 12mm / F=1.4 / 2600mm)
12/14/2600 Focal length: 8-35mm
Relative Aperture: 1.4 – 16
Focus Distance: any
Mechanics Baseline / Vergence Distance*
(in example: 400mm / 1900mm)
400/1900 Baseline: 200mm or 400mm
Vergence Distance: any

Note: X-series cameras don’t carry the -BL suffix because blue it is the only wave length option.
*Vergence Distance: Distance where optical axes of cameras intersect. Replacement for vergence angle specification from N-Series models


Example for the model N20-1204-16-BL:

Example model: N20 12 04 16 BL
Description: Camera type Camera and projector focal length Camera vergence angle Optics relative aperture Wave length
Effect: Type of housing and interface. Larger focal lengths result in smaller view fields. Tilt angle of cameras. Larger vergence angles correspond to shorter focus distances. Smaller relative apertures result in higher light sensitivity but lower depth of field. Color of illumination.
Possible values: N10 | USB
N20 | GigE
N30 | GigE
N35 | GigE
3 | 3.6mm (N10)
4 | 4.2mm (N10)
6 | 6.0mm
8 | 8.0mm
12 | 12.0mm
16 | 16.0mm
02 | 2 deg
04 | 4 deg
06 | 6 deg
08 | 8 deg
10 | 10 deg
16 | F=1.6
18 | F=1.8 (N10)
BL | blue, 465nm
IR | infrared, 850nm

Note: N10 cameras don’t carry the -IR suffix because infrared it is the only wave length option.