The EnsensoSDK is available for Windows and Linux, please see the listing below for the different packages and installation instructions. The version history can be found in the online manual here.

Note that we currently offer a 2.3 release with more current features and a 2.2 release where we only release bugfixes.

Please make sure you have installed the recommended uEye camera driver version. The corresponding download links can be found at the bottom of the page.
Branch Host SDK XR Firmware
2.3 Windows 10
Debian / Ubuntu
Other Linux
Nvidia Jetson TX1/TX2/Xavier
2.2 Windows 10
XR-series not supported
Debian / Ubuntu
Other Linux
Nvidia Jetson TX1/TX2

Installation Notes


Simply download and start the executable to launch the installer. After installation you can find all Ensenso tools in the start menu.

Note that EnsensoSDK 2.0 to 2.2 depends on the Wibu CodeMeter runtime which will be installed automatically if necessary.

Linux (Debian/Ubuntu)

The .deb files need to be installed using the Debian package manager.
You can simply double-click the downloaded files to start installing. When using the command line the installation can be started by running “dpkg -i <filename>” as root. After installing the packages you can run the executables nxView, nxTreeEdit and nxCalTab from the command line.

Linux (other)

Using EnsensoSDK on other Linux distributions is currently not officially supported, but if you’re willing to experiment yourself we provide archives with the binaries here. After downloading the archive you need to install the software manually. Please see the included Readme file for further instructions. All Linux binaries depend on libc6.

Nvidia Jetson

The .deb files need to be installed using the Debian package manager, just like the x64 version. Please also have a look at the Nvidia Jetson Installation topic in the manual.

uEye Driver

The currently recommended uEye driver release for EnsensoSDK 2.3+ is 4.93. Please use the download links below to download the correct version for your platform.

64bit Windows ≥2.3: uEye_4.93.0_Win_64.zip
≤2.2: uEye_4.90.5_Win_64.zip
Just download the package and run the installer contained in the zip file to install the driver.
64bit Linux ≥2.3: uEye_4.93.0_Linux_64.tgz
≤2.2: uEye_4.90.0_Linux_64.tgz
Please download the package and run the installer shell script as root.
Nvidia Jetson ≥2.3: uEye_4.93.0_Linux_Arm64hf.tgz
≤2.2: uEye_4.90.0_Linux_Arm64hf.tgz
The files in the package need to be installed manually by copying them to / while keeping the relative paths from the package. After extraction please run the setup script located at /usr/local/share/ueye/bin/ueyesdk-setup.sh as root.

Halcon Image Acquisition Interface

Starting from Halcon 11.0.3 the image acquisition interface is part of the Halcon installation. Additionally you can find Halcon Interface DLLs in the SDK installation folder.


We support ROS through the ensenso_driver.

.NET Interface

The CLI interface is part of the default EnsensoSDK installation. The .NET interface libraries are available as .NET Framework 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.0 variants.

NeuroCheck Interface

The NeuroCheck machine vision software package now also provides an Ensenso camera interface starting with verison 6.