In the subtopics you can find some brief descriptions how to parameterize the camera for certain use cases.

Code Examples

The code sections show relevant program parts to accomplish the respective tasks in C++ and Halcon/HDevelop. The C++ code uses the NxLibItem and NxLibCommand class interface and makes use of basic classes like std::vector and std::string from the C++ standard library.


Please be aware that all code sections for C++ and HDevelop are simplified or shortened for the sake of clarity and will usually not compile or run as is. Most C++ examples will require you to include at least the “nxLib.h”, <string> and <vector> headers. Some HDevelop samples will need the NxLib specific procedures. Depending on your Halcon version you might also need to update your hAcqEnsenso-NxLib.dll (see here).

Error Handling

The examples will in general not show error handling. Please take a look at the error handling example for further instructions.