Specifies the type of images returned by the Capture and Trigger / Retrieve commands.


Changing the capture mode is only possible (and only makes sense) for cameras of the XR series.

With cameras of the XR series, you have to decide which type of images should be captured due to hardware limitations.

  • When capturing raw images, they can only be used for calibration actions. Rectifying these images afterwards is not possible and they cannot be used to compute 3D data. The camera’s rectified images will be empty.

  • When capturing rectified images, you can use the ComputeDisparityMap command to compute 3D data. These images cannot be used for operations with calibration patterns (using the CollectPattern command), though. The camera’s raw images will be empty.




Capture raw images.


Capture rectified images.

Default Value

“Rectified” for cameras of the XR series, “Raw” for all other cameras.