A sub tree holding global parameters for commands. Each subnode corresponds to a command name for which it holds some default parameters. Each parameter can also be specified directly when calling the command. Parameters in the /Execute node take precedence over the values specified here.


The special subnode All specifies parameters relevant for all commands.

In addition to the values described here (which are present in the tree by default), you can add any command parameters that you want to this node. This might be useful if you want to execute command with the same parameters in different contexts. See the description of the available commands for more information on the parameters they take. As an example, you might add a node “Cameras” to the subnode All. Most commands take this parameter in the same format, so this is a simple way to specify the set of cameras that you currently want to use for all parameters.



A parameter sub tree. Please refer to the description of the sub nodes for further information.