Reduces the camera’s capture AOI to the region necessary for the currently set stereo matching AOI. This will reduce the image transfer time, especially when setting smaller AOIs for the stereo matching.



When set to true the camera’s capture AOI will be reduced.




This option might improve transfer times slightly even when the stereo matching AOI is set to full size, because it can crop image portions that will be thrown away during image rectification.


When you captured an image with UseDisparityMapAreaOfInterest enabled, you cannot enlarge the stereo matching AOI, because the images contain no data outside of the previously specified AOI. You need to capture another image after enlarging the stereo matching AOI in order to get valid depth data in the enlarged regions. If you don’t do this, you might get black areas in the rectified images where raw image data was missing.


On N20, N3x and N4x-series cameras the AOI will only reduce the number of lines transferred in the raw images, not the number of columns. Each line will still contain valid pixels for the full sensor width.


For N20, N3x and N4x-series cameras there is a known bug in the uEye driver. If the area of interest on the sensor gets changed (e.g. by changing the stereo matching AOI or toggling this node) multiple times in a row without capturing an image in between, the next frame will fail with a capture timeout. Triggering the next frame will then work again.