Allows to use two different exposure times for consecutive FlexView image captures.

An alternate exposure time is calculated based on this factor and the normal exposure time. Every other FlexView image that gets captured then uses this alternative exposure time instead of the normal one. You can use this to simultaneously get informative data for both darker and lighter areas in your field of view.


Using multi-exposure together with sequence correlation is not supported on XR-series cameras.



A factor for calculating the alternate exposure time from the normal one.


Suppose that the camera has set an exposure time of 5ms. When the MultiExposureFactor is set to 2, the alternate exposure time will be calculated as 5ms / 2 = 2.5ms. This means that while capturing images with FlexView enabled, the exposure time will be alternated between 5ms and 2.5ms.


1 (do not change the exposure between captures)