Outputs information about the currently usable measurement volume for depth computation. The volume depends on the values set for MinimumDisparity and NumberOfDisparities. You can also set the z values of any of the near for far plane corners to adjust the matching volume in millimeter distance.



A parameter sub tree. Please refer to the description of the sub nodes for further information.


This node is only present when the calibration data was loaded during the Open command, or later via LoadCalibration .


Sub-pixel interpolation shrinks the obtainable matching range by half a pixel at each extreme. The offsets are incorporated when calculating the values for this node to give the actual useable volume. This is equivalent to passing Disparity values of MinimumDisparity + 0.5 for the far plane and MinimumDisparity + NumberOfDisparities - 1 - 0.5 for the near plane to the GetModelInfo command.


The volume specified in this node assumes that the camera is unscaled. When Scaling is active, the actual measurement volume might be different and can be obtained from the ScaledMeasurementVolume node.