Specifies the rectification implementation used during Capture and Trigger / Retrieve commands.

Cameras from the XR series support two modes of rectification:

  • “Streaming” mode is fast because the images are rectified on-the-fly during transmission, but limits the image width to at most 1456 pixels (1.6MP) and may produce artifacts in the image corners for calibrations with large distortions.

  • “Block” mode is slower, but more reliable for large distortions and able to rectify images wider than 1456 pixels.

In “Streaming” mode, rectification is done during data transfer at no time cost. “Block” mode only adds a constant time overhead, which is comparable in duration to the transfer of one additional FlexView pair by pipelining image capture and rectification.




Pipeline image rectification and capture. Suitable for all resolutions and distortions.


Rectify images during capture. Limits image width to 1456 pixels.

Default Value

Depending on the Automatic parameter.