Small patches of untriangulated pixels (‘holes’) can be filled. The values of the subnodes control where filling is applied. BorderSpread allows to set a threshold on the depth range, over which the hole boundary extends. RegionSize sets a threshold on the size of the holes to be filled. The filling value is constant over the entire filling area. It is computed as the average of the disparities of the region’s border.



A parameter sub tree. Please refer to the description of the sub nodes for further information.


Setting RegionSize to 0 disables the hole filling filter.


Depth image with no filling applied. Some areas (marked in black) have not been triangulated completely and show small holes.


Depth image with filling using BorderSpread 5. Most holes are now closed. Note that regions at object boundaries (red ellipse) have not been filled, because their boundaries include the foreground and background object. Thus their borders extend over more than 5 disparities depth range, so these regions will never be filled, regardless of their size.