Estimates the 6DOF pose of the calibration pattern using the pattern observations of the left and right camera of a stereo camera. The pattern buffer must contain at least one observation ( PatternCount > 0). If more than one pattern observation is in the buffer and the Average parameter is true the patterns dot coordinates will be averaged point-wise. You can thus capture multiple images of a static pattern to reduce noise effects in the image and obtain more precise results. When Average is false each pattern pose will be estimated individually.


The grid spacing of each pattern is already stored at the time of the collection via CollectPattern for each pattern in the global pattern buffer.


When you have collected multiple patterns in the buffer and want to average them, each pattern must have the same dimensions (e.g. 7x7) and the same grid spacing.

Error Symbols


Cause: There is no pattern in the pattern buffer, or the patterns in the buffer cannot be averaged because they have different grid spacing or dimension:

Solution: Make sure you successfully called CollectPattern before and you did not collect patterns of different sizes. You may also need to clean previously captured patterns from the buffer using DiscardPatterns.