Configures IP addresses of GigE uEye cameras and projectors. For each device specified via the Cameras parameter, this command selects an ethernet configuration depending on the Method parameter.

Automatic IP address assignment for uEye cameras

When using the “Auto” method, this command sets the uEye address range on the corresponding Ethernet adapter to match the entire local subnet for each selected uEye camera. It then configures the camera to use an automatically assigned IP address from this range.

When such a camera is opened, it will automatically select an available IP address. The address is selected from the address range specified in the uEye driver of the opening host computer for the corresponding Ethernet adapter. To query the next free address, ARP requests are sent out to the local network. The first unanswered ARP request of this range is assumed to be a free IP address.


For production environments we highly recommend to use fixed IP addresses for each of the connected cameras and their corresponding Ethernet adapters on the host.